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    • Advantages of living in Portugal

      Many Brazilians think of out of Brazil and one of the countries as their destination is Portugal. There are many advantages that end up attracting and conquering the Brazilians looking for quality of life in a European destination. Portugal is considered one of the countries that has the process of legal residence more simple and open to Brazilians. Security is an asset especially compared with Brazil. As the country is small and is close to other European countries, you can travel and get to know other places in Portugal and neighboring countries. The cuisine is wide and there are restaurants to suit all budgets, in addition to the world-renowned wines. The winters are mild and without intense cold. In Portugal the seasons are well defined. The country is covered by culture and history, stamped on its cuisine, palaces, streets, monuments, Roman ruins, etc. http://eepurl.com/bV-X1fMore